Final Online Registration Closes 14th June 2019

Late registration may be accepted.  Please make all requests for late registration via the Contact Us page.

Competition Groupings

The taikai will test competitors individual's skills against opponents of similar age and weight where possible.  Select the button below to download the relevant information.



A set of rules can be downloaded from buttons below for the Kata and Kumite events.



Each competitor is to ensure they bring their own:

  • Gi
  • Mouth Guard
  • Groin Protector
  • Gloves (white)

2019 Taikai Sequence of Events

The 2019 Taikai will be held over four days.

Friday Evening - 26 July 2019

A welcome and registration event will be held in Fremantle.  This will be a great opportunity meet other competitors and make new friends. 

The event will be held in the Orion Room in The Esplanade Hotel at $60 USD per person. 

Saturday - 27 July 2019

Competition!  This will be held at Fremantle Town Hall. Cost is $30 USD per person competing ($40 USD if competing in both Kumite and Kata Competitions).

Sunday - 28 July 2019

Sunday morning will be a seminar presented by one of our senior mentors.  The lead instructor is yet to be announced.  Cost for the seminar is $30 USD per person.  This will be followed by Gradings ($30 USD per person grading).  This will be held at the Fremantle Town Hall.

A farewell function will be held Sunday evening to present awards and relive stories from the event! The event will be held in the Orion Room in The Esplanade Hotel at $60 USD per person.

Monday - 29 July 2019

For those staying you have the opportunity to join a day bus tour to see some of the beautiful sights that Perth has to offer!  The total cost for the tour is $90 USD per person. The bus trip will be a full day affair and will visit:

  • Caversham Wildlife Park

  • Sandalford Winery for lunch (included)

  • The Pinnacles