Final Online Registration Closes 14th June 2019

Late registration may be accepted.  Please make all requests for late registration via the Contact Us page.

 Registration Options

FAMILY/GROUP Registration:  You can register and manage a group of competitors! To use this function a user must first register using one of the options below.  Once they have logged into to the site they can add and manager group members via the "Group Registration" menu. ONLY ONE EMAIL ADDRESS IS REQUIRED.

NOTE: There is no requirement for supporters to register.  If they wish to attend the functions and activities, the competitor can buy additional tickets.

Registration is only open to students of Officially Recognised Branches.

A list of Officially Recognised branches can be found HERE.

Grading - Kata - Competition

If you plan to compete in any events or do your grading, you need to register using this option.


Referee - Judge - Supporter

If you are not competing, doing a grading or just coming as a supporter, you need to register using this option.